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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

will be away ..

I will be away for about a week and will update you guys when I come back.. I'm going to Italy as I had mentioned earlier and it is happening starting tomorrow;)

Happy Thanksgiving & Eid.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's A Little Vacation Time!


Me& hubby have decided to go for a little getaway to Italia! Yep! I think it'll be perfect to spend Thanksgiving and Eid (Kurban Bayrami) in a little bit of everywhere in Italy this year. We're flying to Rome on Wednesday night and will get there on Thursday as it's about 9 hrs flight from where I live, from New York. I'm going to feel so close to my home, to Turkey, since I'll be going that far. Unfortunately we only have 4 days to spend there and then I got to get back to work. Plan is; Rome, Florence and Venice. I'd really want to see Tuscany and Sienna as well but we won't have that much time, so I'm thinking may be we'll rent a little home in Tuscany for a couple of weeks and never come back :))Who knows right? We've made such a great plan with our friend who once lived in Italy and was actually a tourist guide. It's such a great chance for us!
Any suggestions on must see spots in those three cities, or anywhere in Italy for that matter?

What I'm Reading..


It was finally time to start a new book after I finished reading Kite Runner and a few others. I stopped by at Barnes & Noble and got a new book; City of Thieves; One of New York Times Bestsellers. Siz neler okuyorsunuz bu gunlerde? Ilginizi ceken, severek okudugunuz kitaplari paylasmak ister miyiz? What do you like to read nowadays? Any book in particular? Enjoy your book! I will actually do it right now and enjoy my new book along with a warm cup of chamomile tea.
xoxo, nite nite everybody..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's Goodies!!

Hey Lovers,
Today I finally got myself a nice brush set that I was looking for quite sometime. If you need a brush or to I think this is to best time to go ahead and pick yourself a nice set. They usually come 4 or 5 pieces in a set and it is cheaper than buying them individually. I am not a professional make up artist or anything but last week I got myself a foundation brush from my local drug store and it was about $12. Then I thought why not to go with a set since I needed a concealer brush also. As I am sure you all know brushes are really expensive and they are a complete investment and I mean it! Ne demisler?! You need to think of your brush as your best friend:) hahah, bu da benden olsun:) About a year and a half ago I got myself a blush brush for about $35 from Sephora and I must say that it started shedding like a kitty:) I hate to double check my face before I leave for work especially when I am in hurry in the morning. I made a little research online, and picked Lancome brand. I got it for $65 including tax. I will play with them a little first thing in the morning tomorrow:) It came in a pretty clutch and since it is a limited time turnout color is much prettier. Since that I got the set now, tomorrow I'll need to get a brush cleanser, and I'll probably go with M.a.c. (Btw, I had purchased M.a.c brush set last week but I had to return it as the material of the brushes in sets is definitely not the same as individuals)! Also, they're made in China where all the other brushes in the entire store are made in Japan. Go figure. Pics do not closely show the eye brushes, sorry I took the pics after midnight:)
In order from left to right: Blush/powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush( this is a two side brush that also lets you apply your eye shadow on your creases),concealer brush, blending brush.

I also got an under eye concealer for my dark circles under eye area.This is actually my first try out of this brand. Shu Uemura. I could not resist more as I've been hearing very nice things about this brand. All their products are made in Japan. I really like the texture, and the coverage in store but I will let you know how it goes in time. Its container a bit tiny for the price though, it's $25. What's your favorite brand of concealer? I would really love to hear about your thoughts as I know that it is really hard to pick a good one that gives you all in one!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

M.A.C Fix Plus(+)

The other night I stopped by at M.A.C store. Again! Can not resist :) I had to have Fix + after the class I attended this past weekend. So, I got it! It has caffeine( as well as so many vitamins and minerals such as green tea, cucumber, chamomile) in it so it basically should kind of wake your skin up in the morning. I started using it every morning after putting my moisturizer on. You can also spray it on your make up to settle it and give it a natural finish look. This is how I'm going to start using in future as it says in the reviews of the product that it makes the make up long lasting. Then again, I do not wear that much of a make up everyday, just a mascara and concealer under my eyes as I have dark circles under eyes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

M.A.C Cosmetic Make Up Class-1


Yaayy!! I was eventually able to attend one of their classes this weekend, on Saturday. I had to say no every time they invited me as they offered them only during the week and I was not able to go since I work on the weekdays. The class get started at and ended around 5.30. It was actually more concentrated than I thought it would be! What an amazing chance for me. It was my first time and i'm pretty sure there will many more if they continue to offer them on weekends. The make up artist was pretty good; he's been in make up industry for over 16 yrs, and he was involved in television, film make up industry for a lot of celebrities such as Pink, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi and a lot more.. I took lots of notes and I will be talking about those, so stay tuned :)

Giovanna Battaglia-Such a great sense of Style !!


I'm sure you have seen or heard about her before. Italy Vogue's fashion editor, Giovanna Battaglia. She also used to be a model for Dolce & Gabbana. She has such great taste about clothing I think. I love her look as she does not only stick to one type of style. She can combine elegant, chick and casual looks all at the same time. She's in her (my favorite) sandals in above picture. I would not even think for a second to buy those shoes( if only I can afford of course :) if I ever see them, so please please let me know if you know where to get them from.

Asagidaki resimde uzerinde olan elbiseyi de Bihter'in bir bolumde giydigi elbisesini animsatti, sanirim ayni tarz, krem renginde bir BCBG elbiseydi, hatta o da siyah opak coraplariyla kombine etmisti. Btw, 2010 yazi ruffle/ firfirli modeller cok moda olucak, simdiden benden soylemesi ..
Happy Sunday..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mariebelle New York

Another must see spot in New York; Mariebelle. This is a cute chocolate boutique in the heart of New York and also known with their hot chocolate and shakes. Looks like a great place to grap a drink or lunch. I also checked their menu and they have a great variety of selection. I'm planning to go there for brunch on the weekend. Check it out if you're nearby..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kerastase Hair Products

I think that Kerastase is one of the best, actually I would say it's the best hair product brand on the market. I've been using their shampoo's( well I actually only tried for once, and was not so happy about it) may be it was not the right one for me. I use their masks, especially every once a week after I get my highlights as the hair gets really weakened after so many processes( reflection series) I also use power shots ( serums) that they have in small bottles. They come in different type of varieties; for dry hair types, for damaged hair to give more volume, for curly hair and etc. I use the ones that reflects your color and gives a little bit of shine once every month or two. I am usually prettly lazy when it comes to apply the mask though:) With mask, you have to put it on the hair after you wash and towel try your hair and then you need to wait about 10-15 to work it through your hair. Yesterday I got a leave in heat protective mil from resistance series to use before blow drying or styling my hair. I also use a heat protector spray from CHI before styling- on dry hair- but this could be used on wet damp hair as desired. This also fortifies the hair after so many chemical treatments. I have not started using it yet. I will post the end results..
Where can you find Kerastase products?
  • Hair Salons
I usually get mine from Ebay or other beauty web sites depending on where it is at a better price.

Sunday, November 1, 2009



I've been thinking about long enough to do a little change with my hair color. Eventually, it is done today :)) I just came from the hair salon which is like 1 hr,10 min driving distance from where i live. I know it sounds a little ridiculous but it is what it is! You do not have that many options in here( even if you do, you don't really want to risk it) like some of you have there in Turkey( my lovely , luxurious country :)) So, I have had highlights for quite a few years, like since I was 18. For those, who's going to say "so how old are u now? " I am 26. I actually wanted to get the Jessica Alba's hair color in below image but I can't really say it is exactly the same. Mine is better looking p)) No, joking. I love Jessica Alba, and whatever she does she does it the best! However, I still do not get how she's capable of changing her hair color every other week :)) Yeah, that's a capibility!! Anyways, I will take a picture of my new hair soon and post it. Hope, I will like it better in time as it looks lighter than what I usually have and it just looks a little weird to me :)


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