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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've been thinking about long enough to do a little change with my hair color. Eventually, it is done today :)) I just came from the hair salon which is like 1 hr,10 min driving distance from where i live. I know it sounds a little ridiculous but it is what it is! You do not have that many options in here( even if you do, you don't really want to risk it) like some of you have there in Turkey( my lovely , luxurious country :)) So, I have had highlights for quite a few years, like since I was 18. For those, who's going to say "so how old are u now? " I am 26. I actually wanted to get the Jessica Alba's hair color in below image but I can't really say it is exactly the same. Mine is better looking p)) No, joking. I love Jessica Alba, and whatever she does she does it the best! However, I still do not get how she's capable of changing her hair color every other week :)) Yeah, that's a capibility!! Anyways, I will take a picture of my new hair soon and post it. Hope, I will like it better in time as it looks lighter than what I usually have and it just looks a little weird to me :)

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