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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's Goodies!!

Hey Lovers,
Today I finally got myself a nice brush set that I was looking for quite sometime. If you need a brush or to I think this is to best time to go ahead and pick yourself a nice set. They usually come 4 or 5 pieces in a set and it is cheaper than buying them individually. I am not a professional make up artist or anything but last week I got myself a foundation brush from my local drug store and it was about $12. Then I thought why not to go with a set since I needed a concealer brush also. As I am sure you all know brushes are really expensive and they are a complete investment and I mean it! Ne demisler?! You need to think of your brush as your best friend:) hahah, bu da benden olsun:) About a year and a half ago I got myself a blush brush for about $35 from Sephora and I must say that it started shedding like a kitty:) I hate to double check my face before I leave for work especially when I am in hurry in the morning. I made a little research online, and picked Lancome brand. I got it for $65 including tax. I will play with them a little first thing in the morning tomorrow:) It came in a pretty clutch and since it is a limited time turnout color is much prettier. Since that I got the set now, tomorrow I'll need to get a brush cleanser, and I'll probably go with M.a.c. (Btw, I had purchased M.a.c brush set last week but I had to return it as the material of the brushes in sets is definitely not the same as individuals)! Also, they're made in China where all the other brushes in the entire store are made in Japan. Go figure. Pics do not closely show the eye brushes, sorry I took the pics after midnight:)
In order from left to right: Blush/powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush( this is a two side brush that also lets you apply your eye shadow on your creases),concealer brush, blending brush.

I also got an under eye concealer for my dark circles under eye area.This is actually my first try out of this brand. Shu Uemura. I could not resist more as I've been hearing very nice things about this brand. All their products are made in Japan. I really like the texture, and the coverage in store but I will let you know how it goes in time. Its container a bit tiny for the price though, it's $25. What's your favorite brand of concealer? I would really love to hear about your thoughts as I know that it is really hard to pick a good one that gives you all in one!

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