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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Cumartesi gunu havanin da yardimi ile butun gunu evde gecirip, cok sikildigim icin bugun alisverise ciktim, an of course I left my hubby at home thinking that he would not have fun n e wayz (that's so true though! why not guyz luv shopping as much & as truly as we do :) cute buys of the day are, very pretty sandals from Campbell, Ibiza; luv this brand lately! They're very hot and comfy. I know that sounds weird, pretty and comfy at the same time :) but they really are. luv them, I am sure I'm going to stick to them for the rest of this summer. then I stopped by at Zara and bought a navy color or purple tunic for myself for $28!! real deal.. last but not least; I came home and continued to shop online! OMG, I know right:) I had to buy some lingerie, but they did not have my size in store, so I picked them online, and waiting for my order to arrive asap so I can indulge myself.

As for what I've ate, not so bad I guess. I had a nice, small breakfast; cannot go in to details now, and baked salmon for late lunch. Now I am having some watermelon and praying that it will keep me full for the rest of the night as I am hungry already !! that's all for now ..


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