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Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's A Little Vacation Time!


Me& hubby have decided to go for a little getaway to Italia! Yep! I think it'll be perfect to spend Thanksgiving and Eid (Kurban Bayrami) in a little bit of everywhere in Italy this year. We're flying to Rome on Wednesday night and will get there on Thursday as it's about 9 hrs flight from where I live, from New York. I'm going to feel so close to my home, to Turkey, since I'll be going that far. Unfortunately we only have 4 days to spend there and then I got to get back to work. Plan is; Rome, Florence and Venice. I'd really want to see Tuscany and Sienna as well but we won't have that much time, so I'm thinking may be we'll rent a little home in Tuscany for a couple of weeks and never come back :))Who knows right? We've made such a great plan with our friend who once lived in Italy and was actually a tourist guide. It's such a great chance for us!
Any suggestions on must see spots in those three cities, or anywhere in Italy for that matter?

What I'm Reading..


It was finally time to start a new book after I finished reading Kite Runner and a few others. I stopped by at Barnes & Noble and got a new book; City of Thieves; One of New York Times Bestsellers. Siz neler okuyorsunuz bu gunlerde? Ilginizi ceken, severek okudugunuz kitaplari paylasmak ister miyiz? What do you like to read nowadays? Any book in particular? Enjoy your book! I will actually do it right now and enjoy my new book along with a warm cup of chamomile tea.
xoxo, nite nite everybody..


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