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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sick Sunday

Hubby has been sick for the past couple of days, and he finally gave it to me :) It's also been terribly freezing lately and I could not help but got sick. The best cure for being sick is of course resting. Although it is Saturday today and the day I was looking forward whole week I had to stay home and stay away from the crowd. A perfect thing to do when you're home is of course watching a nice movie! I had ordered Julie & Julia for this weekend, and I got a chance to see it. The movie is about 2 hrs length and it's all about cooking and recipes which may sound fun but makes you want to eat at the ending:) I wanted to lock myself into my kitchen after seeing it although I am really sick and can only rest on the couch for now! For those who may want to try a few recipes Julie& Julia cookbook is available at Amazon. Bon appetit!

Haftasonu film esliginde gecen mukemme bir hafta sonu, tabii filmi izlerken burnum tikali oldugu icin agzimdan nefes almaya calisan halimi gormeniz lazimdi:) Bir an once iyilesip yeniden sahalara donmek icin dinlenmeye devam .. Herkese iyi hafta sonlari !

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