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Monday, February 22, 2010

Make Up Remover Wipes

I eventually got a chance to write a couple of things after a while. I have been so extremely busy recently. I get home after work and run out to so some errands, and by the time I get home I only have energy to go to bed:) absolute serenity:-) hahaha! ok, I know that I still have to write a post about how my valentine's day and birthday was. Yes, it was my birthday on the 11th, and VD on the 14th, so I got lots of presents in one week:)But I wanted to do this first instead.

I am in love with make up remover wipes. I never liked using make up cleansers as I do not like the feel of residue on my face after using it. Wipes have been saving my life not only when I travel but also anytime I want to take my make up off. MAC just did not work for me. I kind of had an alergic reaction and my face turned to red all over and irritated, after using the next day and seeing the same reaction I stopped using it and never purchased again.

I've just started using Neutrogena, but I like it so far, it smells nice, does not leave your skin oily, and remove everything completely( then again, I am not a make up junk, I only wear mascara and concealer daily, so if you're wearing heavier make up you may still use this but may be 2 wipes would do the work)

Then I've got Revlon. I'm not totally in love with it, but I choose to go with this if I do not have anything else. I do not like it as much as I like the Neutrogena.

Then just regular baby wipes:) These are the best since they're made to use on babies' skin. You can use them even if you have sensitive skin most of the time. You may also use baby shampoo to wash off your make up as well, even to remove your waterproof mascara.

Last but not least, my make up remover lotion from Dior. I do not hate this but like I mentioned I like removing my make up using remover wipes better.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day!!

Sevgililer gunune sayili gunler kala bende panik hali basladi:) Hafta ici gunumun ve gecemin buyuk bir bolumunu is yerimde gecirdigim icin firsatini bulup da alisverise cikamadim bir turlu. Gecen hafta da gunler suren hastaligim eklenince ustune bir turlu vakit bulamadim tabii. Her sene oldugu gibi bir erkege hediye secmenin ne kadar zor oldugunu yine soyluyorum:) Ustelik benim koca gibi kiyafet ve ayakkabi dolabi benden daha kabarik olan bir erkege hediye alma biraz daha zorlasiyor boyle olunca( nasil bir cumle olduysa bu da, siz anladiniz ama eminim) Bakalim neler olabilir deyip beyin firtinasina basliyoruz:)Playstation Games; Bilgisayar veya playstation sevenlere dusunulebilir. Ben bu secenegi geciyorum cunku ilk yil donumumuzde PS3 ve gecen dogumgunu de oyun almistim:)

Kol dugmeleri: bunu da daha onceden almisligim var benim:) Ama giyimine onem veren beyler icin vazgecilmez secenekleren bir tanesi.
Kislik aksesuarlar; atki ve bere; yanina da cift olarak kullanmak uzere kendinize de alabilirsiniz:)

Peki ya siz hediyenizi aldiniz mi ? Ilginc olabilecek secenekleriniz varmi ?

I've been freaking out since I'm a last minute person and I waited until now to start looking for a gift for my valentine:) I seriously think that it is kind of a pain to pick a gift for guys, i mean any guy you have in your life, like your dad, your friend, co-worker and the thoughest of course is your boyfriend/ husband. What are your thoughts about this valentines day? Did you get a gift for your special one yet? What are the plans ?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skin Care Product


I have been hearing a lot about this brand lately, I mean a lot! In magazines, shopping web sites, TV channels and everything. And I think I'm pretty convinced to get myself one or two :) It is available in cleanser/ make up remover, and exfoliater. I really want to give them a try since I never had a perfect make up remover and have been looking for a new one( right now I'm using Christian Dior make up remover in milky texture) and it does not really do the job, then again I do not wear like a ton of make up anyways but still want to keep my skin clean, i mean who would not right ? So, please please share your thoughts if anyone have ever tried the cleanser or the exfoliation cream. Would ya? xoxo

Monday, February 1, 2010

Boredom and Kardashians

OMG! I have not seen the sunshine for the past 3 days, and i mean it! As some of you may know I've been sick since Friday and could not make it to work today. On top of random symptoms of a cold i've got a fever and a real bad cough that is almost about to kill me! So what I did was just to lay on the couch in my living room and constantly watch the TV show, Keeping up w/ the Kardashians. Honestly, I cannot claim that I like Kim Kardashian but I actually find her sisters cuter I may say :) So I've been watching and watching all series of the show since the beginning. Thanks for keeping me busy the Kardashians! xoxo
stay warm !!


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