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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update on Product Review

Some of you may remember that I was thinking about getting this cleanser for quiet sometime. I got it couple of months ago and I realized that I never shared my thoughts about it. I really do not think that using it makes any difference on my skin. A lot of reviewers were claiming that it'd take off all the make up and also work as a cleanser. I do not see that for some reason. May be, it's the fact that I'm not wearing too much of make up and so I do not see the way it works. Still, I would not buy it again, and I barely use it now..

** Earlier Post **
I have been hearing a lot about this brand lately, I mean a lot! In magazines, shopping web sites, TV channels and everything. And I think I'm pretty convinced to get myself one or two :) It is available in cleanser/ make up remover, and exfoliater. I really want to give them a try since I never had a perfect make up remover and have been looking for a new one( right now I'm using Christian Dior make up remover in milky texture) and it does not really do the job, then again I do not wear like a ton of make up anyways but still want to keep my skin clean, i mean who would not right ? So, please please share your thoughts if anyone have ever tried the cleanser or the exfoliation cream. Would ya? xoxo

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